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Compliance is everything, says Neil Carberry, REC chief executive

Since joining the REC I’ve spent a lot of time talking to members about the direction we are taking as an industry. The market is changing and now more than ever what you do is pivotal to the success of UK plc. As clients contend with an uncertain political environment, new technologies, entrenched talent shortages, and evolving workforce expectations, they’re looking for recruitment experts to help them compete and thrive. Recruitment is redefining itself as a professional service.

The REC’s role in this is to help create an environment in which the value of the recruitment industry is fully recognised and respected. Every day we champion our members in the media, in Government and with companies, and we demonstrate that recruitment is a well-regulated, compliance-focussed, and socially progressive part of the economy.

Jobs really do transform lives. So we need to be good at what we do as an industry, and expect high standards of each other – on behalf of our own businesses, and of clients and candidates.

At the heart of the REC message about professionalism is our compliance test, which we ask all members to take every two years to prove that they are maintaining those high standards.

Having this test as a prerequisite for membership, ensuring we investigate complaints from candidates and clients and expelling the non-compliant, underpins the sector’s reputation. It means REC membership stands for something to the people you work with. As more clients use membership as signal of supply chain compliance, this demand is only likely to grow.

We are prepared to refuse membership because it ensures members carry a badge that is a sign of quality and confidence to clients and candidates alike. We advise people to only work with a recruiter who is a member of the REC and therefore accountable to clear industry-led standards. If your business is due to take the compliance test before 31 December your compliance contact will. 

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