Respond to government calls for better jobs

REC members can help workers to move forward in their jobs.

We need a safety net and a springboard to support people as they navigate the changing labour market

In May, the Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd called for a new government focus on helping people better themselves in work, moving to higher paid, higher skilled roles.

The REC was invited to host the speech, reflecting the shared commitment to making sure the future of work delivers for workers and building on their long-term partnership in this area. 

“Thanks to globalisation, digital technology, automation and connectivity, the world is being transformed,” she said. “And there are huge opportunities for all of us: new and flexible ways of working, better services, and more inclusivity.” 

Rudd focused on three guiding principles behind the government’s labour market strategy for the 21st century:

“First, better access – so everyone who can work is able to get that vital first job, wherever they live and whatever their background. 

“Second, better opportunities to succeed and progress in work – we don’t just want people to get a job, we want them to get a good job, with opportunities to progress.

“Third, better protections for those who will struggle to manage these changes. We need a safety net and a springboard to support people as they navigate the changing labour market.”

Rudd also recognised the role REC members play in helping clients with innovative and inclusive recruitment. 

The REC is committed to continuing its work with the DWP and other government departments, particularly around flexible working and how to support people through career changes. 

“Having the speech hosted at REC HQ was great recognition for the industry’s role and voice on jobs,” said Neil Carberry, REC chief executive. “REC is all about brilliant recruitment, because it offers people opportunity and generates economic growth and prosperity. Building a progression nation is a vital part of this – addressing skills needs, gender gaps and regional disparities.”

He added: “Flexibility and good work go hand in hand. Driving the good recruitment agenda across all sectors can remove existing barriers.”

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