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People Group Services offers solutions to some of the challenges ahead

2020 – what a year! A pandemic that stopped the world in its tracks and racked up the biggest peace-time deficit ever. 2021 hasn’t gotten off to the best start. Back in lockdown until at least mid February, we’ve a lot of ground to make up. Here are some of the biggest challenges we see coming for recruiters, along with solutions on how to turn them into opportunities.

How is the Government goingto steady the financial ship?

Going after tax avoiding umbrella schemes is an easy win, so expect a more aggressive regime. This can be a dangerous time for recruiters. Some umbrellas sail close to the wind when it comes to tax loopholes. People Group offers one of the few payroll solutions that has been reviewed and recognised by HMRC. 2021 is the year to sort this out.

We offer a free Payroll Compliance Analysis. Find out more here: peoplegroupservices.com/payroll-compliance-analysis

IR35 (again!)

The private sector was given a year long reprieve on IR35. This ends in April. Anyone engaging long-term contractors will need to get on top of IR35. They could be classified as ‘disguised employees’ and subject to a different tax regime. When it comes to IR35, get informed. You should have a clear understanding of the risks.

You can find our ‘Guide to IR35’ on our website (peoplegroupservices.com/IR35-Is-your-business-ready.pdf) or for a no obligation chat with one of our experts, you can book an appointment: [email protected]

Performance through Efficiency & Innovation

According to the International Labour Organisation, nearly 200 million people around the world will lose their jobs. This flood of candidates will put pressure on recruiters’ processes. Achieving incremental efficiencies in admin, cashflow and how consultants are working will positively impact your commercial performance.

At People Group, we deliver value by optimising your payroll and recruitment process. One way is through the VAT mitigating features of our PEO product. When the worker is jointly employed by us and the agency only 1% of our invoice value attracts VAT. This delivers predictable, reliable and sustainable cash flow efficiencies.

Tech Acceleration

We all know 2020 has accelerated digital transformation dramatically and we’re not just talking about Zooming. Because location isn’t an issue anymore, recruiters will be able to engage with a wider pool of candidates while at the same time improving their selection with AI. Candidate Management systems will also evolve to drive productivity. But before you strap on your jetpack to the future, bear in mind that you’ll need to balance the personal touch with automation. Choose your tools and partners with care. Take Compliance. Our award-winning Compliance product can reduce the time it takes to get a contractor to work by up to 50%. That’s an easy money-saving and revenue generating tactic that uses tech to enhance the experience.  

We offer a free Digital Efficiency audit. Contact us today to organise yours [email protected]

How We Help

At People Group we’re in the business of making work easy and more rewarding for recruiters, contractors and hirers. This article is a cut down version of a wider content piece. To deep dive into how we see 2021 going, read the full article: peoplegroupservices.com/right-2021-whats-in-store

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