GLAA officers check up on farm workers in Cambridgeshire

The Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) is continuing its efforts to ensure regulations are followed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this week, GLAA officers working with Cambridgeshire Police interviewed around 200 Romanian and Bulgarian farm workers during a visit to two sites on a farm near Peterborough. 

During the visits the workers were shown presentations and informed of their rights. However, in a statement the GLAA said “all were happy with their roles and working conditions”.

GLAA senior investigating officer Jennifer Baines said: “We were pleased to hear that the workers were happy with their conditions and had received the appropriate training for their roles. It was also encouraging to see that the farm had fully implemented guidelines around Covid-19 and was taking the threat this virus poses extremely seriously.”

In the last month, the GLAA says it has written to all agricultural labour sites in the South of England to provide farmers with support during the current crisis.

It also said that it will finish visiting all the farms contacted over the next few weeks to give further guidance to the industry and to check on the welfare of workers.

In another investigation, GLAA officials supported by the police spoke to about 40 workers in Hill Head, Hampshire after multiple reports of large-scale cockle picking along the shoreline. 

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