2018 and the seismic six…

Tom Hadley

Our policy priorities aim to shake things up, says Tom Hadley, REC director of policy and professional services.

In a recent member poll, 85% said that finding the right candidates got harder over the last year. With Brexit negations entering a new phase and the staffing squeeze set to intensify, 2018 will be a pivotal year for the jobs market and our industry.

  1. Immigration & skills – UK businesses must be able to access the staff and skills they need to compete and grow. As well as using our data and research to make the case for a balanced immigration strategy, we will ensure people and skills remain a key component of the government’s industrial strategy.
  2. Industry regulations – The regulatory landscape must be proportionate and protect the interests of compliant businesses. Two of the priority areas we will be driving are next steps on the Mathew Taylor Review and on labour market enforcement.
  3. Inclusion – Let’s make change happen by promoting good recruitment and showcasing our industry’s role in helping people from all backgrounds get into and progress in work.
  4. Procurement – Public procurement must promote good recruitment, sustainable supply and flexible staffing arrangements. We will be driving this message through our work on in health and social care, education and the wider public sector.
  5. Taxation – We want to ensure clarity and a level playing field and will be driving a strong response to the latest IR35 consultation. We will build on recent discussions with ministers and No 10 in making the case for the Apprenticeship Levy to be made into a more flexible training ley to benefit all workers.
  6. The future of jobs – We will work with policy makers to build the best possible post-Brexit jobs market and use the findings of our Future of jobs commission to position our industry as the forefront of the future of work debate.

The input and drive of REC members will be pivotal as we continue to ramp up our industry’s voice on the challenges ahead.

Tom Hadley

Building a jobs market that works for everyone

The late Stephen R Covey once said “strength lies in differences, not in similarities”.

1 April 2017