IRP October 2019: Rewarding career

Natalie Tyler, sales and marketing manager at Redline Group, on developing a rewarding career

What would you tell someone just starting in the industry?  

Take time to learn as much as possible. Success doesn’t come over night. You have to put in the work, understand your clients and candidates, and learn from those around you. Recruitment is tough but incredibly rewarding. When someone new joins my team I always tell them that it will be a rollercoaster ride, but you will have fun and love what you do. The highs always outweigh the lows.

What’s your best candidate story?

My candidate was in a great career for over 10 years at a small technology company. He got to a point where there was no room for progression and needed a challenge. He applied for a position I had with a technology company. Unfortunately, office politics were bad and he felt he didn’t fit in. Six months later, visiting a client to discuss a new role, my candidate popped into my mind. Understanding the role, the company and the culture, I knew that he was perfect for it. In short, he’s still happily working there now. This was a ‘win win’… I should have charged a higher fee!

What do you think makes you a good recruiter?

I am business-minded, sales-orientated and a driven individual. You have to run your own desk and team the way you would run a business. Sometimes I can’t switch off, but that’s because I am passionate about what I do.

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