Editor's Leader Mar/Apr 2021

The recruitment industry is jam-packed full of colourful characters.

Among the benefits of being Recruiter’s editor are meeting colourful and fascinating individuals, hearing incredible stories, and basking in the energy and dynamism of a world-changing industry and many, many exceptional people. Sometimes you get the good fortune of meeting these people a few times.

It’s business as usual but on (metaphorical) steroids for this ‘iron man’ of recruitment”

Steve Ingham is one of those individuals who somehow seems more robust and vigorous every time we meet, and even more so last month, when we spoke for the first time in a few years. The conversation that followed could actually be four or five stories; it was difficult to winnow down the experiences he shared to the number of pages I had to work with. Despite a life-changing accident, hisenthusiasm for life, humour and ‘can do’ attitude are something to behold. It’s business as usual but on (metaphorical) steroids for this ‘iron man’ of recruitment. Join us on p18 for a sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always uplifting chat with PageGroup’s CEO. 

Recruiters and in-house recruiters: remember, you’ve got little time to get your clients and businesses, respectively, in the groove to meet the devil that is the new IR35 Off -Payroll legislation affecting the private sector. Hold on tight, and let us know how you get on!

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