What is in store for recruitment in 2018?

Kevin Green

Here are five things the recruitment industry needs to look out for in 2018, says Kevin Green, REC chief executive.

Let’s look ahead to what’s in store for the recruitment industry in 2018.


1) Will employers keep hiring?

Our data says that businesses will continue to hire and that overall employment will continue to grow in 2018, but the rate of growth might be slower compared to the last few years. Our industry has weathered difficult times before, and whatever the next few years hold I am confident that recruiters will adapt.


2) Will the post-Brexit deal become clearer?

We‘re hopeful that 2018 will bring a clearer understanding of the impact that Brexit will have on trade, the customs union and immigration. This should help to dispel the uncertainty that’s undermined our economy since the referendum.


3) Will the automation revolution hit the jobs market?

In 2018 we will see more predictions and analysis on the challenges that automation will present for the future jobs market.


4) Will recruiters recognise apprenticeships as an opportunity to grow?

The news that the government has approved the funding of recruitment apprenticeships is huge because it means that recruiters can now access up to £5k per apprentice. This will help the industry to recruit the people it needs to meet potential growth in the next few years.


5) Will the government stop interfering in the jobs market?

The REC continues to fight for a dynamic, flexible and agile labour market. We will respond to consultations on IR35 and the Matthew Taylor Review, and announcements on the government’s plans around both of these issues will follow during 2018.


Your REC membership in 2018

We have ‘In the round’ events planned for Q1, in Peterborough (28 February), Edinburgh (1 March) and Manchester (6 March). We will publish more podcasts and research to give you the knowledge you need. Our annual Talent, recruitment and employment conference (TREC) is an invite-only event this year. Hold 4 July in your diary and hope for an invitation.

This is my last New Year’s message and the REC Council hopes to make an announcement by the end of March about who will follow me as the REC’s chief executive.

Here’s to a prosperous new year.

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