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Employee digital health and wellbeing app, Engage, is boosting talent retention for recruiters.

The leading employee digital health and wellbeing app, Engage, is reimagining access to payroll, benefits, and health and wellbeing support for workers, in turn boosting talent retention for recruiters.

The Engage app has been developed by employee benefits and outsourced payroll provider HIVE360, which operates extensively in the GLAA* and industrial recruitment sector.

Completely customisable, Engage gives workers access to a huge range of benefits and services, from a personal doctor, personal support helpline, care support, and gym memberships, to high-street, lifestyle, dining and insurance discounts, plus access to digital payslips and a real-time workplace pension dashboard.

“HIVE360 is leading the way in innovating employee engagement for the UK recruitment sector,” explains David McCormack, HIVE360 CEO.  “Engage is a unique employee experience, payroll and benefits platform that brings tools, information and features that support training, health and wellbeing, financial wellbeing and knowledge, together in one app.

“With its value-added suite of tailored, personal, employee benefits, wellbeing support and a constantly evolving choice of tools and features that enable improved communication and recognition of workers, the app’s enhanced approach marks a new era of exceptional support for recruiters, their workers and clients.”

Soaring demand

Usage and take-up of Engage has soared since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the first week of lockdown in March 2020, Engage had an unprecedented 273% increase in demand for its mental health support services.  

As the country has moved to predominantly remote working, and the additional mental, emotional and financial stresses this carries with it, user numbers have continued to grow: “We have recorded an average of around 200,000 monthly user sessions since October 2020,” adds David.

“The ‘Your Health’ section has registered huge jumps in demand, with the number of users of health and wellbeing advice accessed via Engage rising by as much as 300%. Peaks in users have coincided with government announcements on changes to the Covid-19 restrictions – this was up by 265% between October and November 2020 – and 850 users visited the Mental Health support features in December 2020 when the new Covid-19 variant came to light and Christmas ‘bubbles’ were cancelled.”


Engage is proving particularly attractive to like-minded digital-first businesses. Its customisation and easy API integration with the recruitment sector’s other technology platforms makes it a mobile perks app that is capable of bringing recruiters’ candidate and HR systems seamlessly together in one mobile experience for every workforce.

David says: “We have just announced a strategic partnership with Rocket Software, which represents an unprecedented union of two of the recruitment sector’s most powerful mobile tech solutions providers to deliver real-time integrated app-based benefits, rewards and HMRC-compliant payroll and accounts software.”

Rocket Software is used by around 300 dynamic temporary recruitment businesses, and Rocket provides payroll and accounts software solutions to an average 60,000 key workers and drivers in a range of sectors.  

“We had been looking for a strategic partner in the employee benefits space and after reviewing numerous potential partners, found HIVE360 to be innovative, collaborative, progressive and creative,” Rocket’s MD, Danny Steel explains. “Their mobile-based tech easily integrates with our TempID+ software and Pocket Rocket app. The Engage app connects directly into the Pocket Rocket mobile app that automates everything from real-time entry of worker’s timesheets to payroll, billing and compliance.”

*HIVE360 is a Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licence holder and corporate member of Inspiring Workplaces. For more information, visit: www.hive360.com 

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