HOT 100

Recruiter’s HOT 100: HOT 10 Engineering/Technical/Science Recruiters

There are 21 technical/engineering specialists included in the Recruiter 2021 HOT 100, including three public sector-categorised built environment/technical recruiters.

Public sector, Oil & gas/Energy 28 February 2022

Recruiter’s HOT 100: HOT 10 Professional Sector Recruiters

This group covers the main professional candidate segments – accounting, finance, legal, HR, sales & marketing, media etc. and now includes four professional recruiters previously categorised in the HOT 10 as public sector specialists.

Marketing & Sales, Public sector 14 February 2022

Recruiter’s HOT 100: HOT 10 Technology recruiters

Once again in the HOT 100 it has become even harder to separate between Technology (traditionally described as IT/Telecoms), STEM and Technical (mainly Engineering) skillsets and job roles.

Life sciences, Engineering 3 February 2022

Recruiter HOT 100: Herculean efforts, defying gravity

2021 has seen a sea change in recruitment fortunes.

18 January 2022

Company trends of recruiters in 2021’s HOT 100

The Covid pandemic has again hit Recruiter’s latest HOT 100 report, which measures the highest gross profit per head/employee.

13 January 2022

HOT 100 call to action

Time to get your financials in!

27 September 2021

HOT 100: 'Class' is permanent

The latest HOT 100 of recruitment firms, compiled by Agile Intelligence on behalf of Recruiter, shows the importance of considering more than just temporary ‘form’

25 January 2021

HOT 100: The HOT 10 Engineering/Technical/Science Recruiters

The 2020 HOT 100 includes 24 engineering/technical/science specialists but these include four previously public sector-categorised built environment/technical recruiters.

Public sector, Life sciences 25 January 2021

Editor's Leader Jan/Feb 2021

What is the start to a new year without committing to ‘do better’ in your life?

25 January 2021

DeeDee Doke, editor

Editor's Leader January 2017

From national crisis to international crises, 2016 has been a tornado of disruption and stormy momentum with barely a second to catch one’s breath.

1 January 2017

Recruiter HOT 100: HOT 10 professional sector

Within this year’s 2016 HOT 100, compiled by Agile Intelligence and sponsored by Panmure Gordon, Recruiter has picked out four of the most significant sectors to focus on (Recruiter’s January 2017 issue, out 14 December). Today we look at the second of those specialists, the professional sector recruiters… click here for more Recruiter HOT 100: HOT 10 professional sector
9 December 2016

Recruiter HOT 100: HOT 10 technical/engineering

Over the past 10 years, Recruiter, in conjunction with Agile Intelligence, has produced the HOT 100 list of top-performing recruitment firms in the UK.

Recruiter HOT 100: The HOT 10 technical recruiters

The 2015 Recruiter HOT 100 included 23 technical specialists compared with 20 last year, plus several more that include engineering or energy as additional specialisations.

HOT 100: The HOT 10 Professionals

This group, covering accounting, finance, legal, HR, sales & marketing, media and other professional services, accounts for 29 of the HOT 100, compared to 30 last year.
10 December 2015

Recruiter HOT 100: HOT 10 public/not-for-profit sector recruiters

In the 2015 HOT 100, this category numbers 15 constituents, similar to last year. On aggregate, the sector outstripped the performance of the other HOT 10 categories in growth in sales, gross profit and employee numbers.

Public sector 9 December 2015

Recruiter HOT 100: HOT 10 IT/telecoms recruiters

This year’s HOT 100 contains 29 companies specialising in IT/telecoms. IT has two distinct faces: niche roles commanding solid contractor or permanent fees, and a price-competitive, high-volume contractor market.

IT/Telecoms 8 December 2015

More recruiters hit the Fast Track 100

Twice the number of recruiters have made it onto this year’s The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 compared to 2014’s list.
7 December 2015

Are you a Recruiter HOT 100 company?

Is your recruitment business hot enough to qualify for the Recruiter’s HOT 100 2015, the definitive list of the UK’s most profitable recruiters? If your business’s gross profit is at least £1.5m, you have at least 20 employees and your turnover is at least £5m you may qualify for a place on Recruiter’s HOT 100 2015.
IT/Telecoms 22 June 2015

Cordant Recruitment buys Staffgroup in ‘match made in heaven’

Multi-sector recruiter Cordant Recruitment has acquired international recruiter Staffgroup, parent company of Earthstaff, Eurostaff and Enginestaff, for an undisclosed sum after only three months of negotiations.
IT/Telecoms, Engineering 5 June 2015

Profitability and growth key to recruiters’ success

Leaders from firms on Recruiter’s FAST 50 and HOT 100 lists had a chance to hear the secrets of the top companies
23 March 2015

Permanent market to lead growth in UK recruitment sector in 2015

Growth in the UK’s recruitment sector this year will be led by permanent placements, according to Sue Dodd, director at Agile Intelligence and compiler of Recruiter’s HOT 100 list.
16 February 2015

Focusing on both core and growth markets proves key to HOT 100-FAST 50 success

Keeping one eye on their core markets and another on growth opportunities has proven key to public sector staffing specialist GatenbySanderson’s appearances on both Recruiter’s HOT 100 and FAST 50 lists, according to joint managing partners Martin Tucker and Mark Turner.
Education, Public sector 13 February 2015

Editor's Comment November 2014

The end of 2014 may be near but the energy and dynamism of the year continue to build momentum!
13 November 2014

2014 Recruiter HOT 100: HOT 10 technical recruiters from mainly engineering and scientific sectors

Today we reveal the last in our series of HOT 10 breakouts, the HOT 10 technical recruiters from the 2014 Recruiter HOT 100 list.

2014 Recruiter HOT 100 - Plugged in: the IT & telecoms HOT 10

Today we reveal the third of our Recruiter HOT 10 breakouts, the HOT 10 IT & telecoms recruiters from this year’s HOT 100 list.
IT/Telecoms 10 November 2014